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Cunning duel in the enchanted forest

by Uwe Rosenberg

Life isn’t easy in the enchanted forest. Elves and gnomes each have their own network of hidden paths. They don’t want to be disturbed, and will only move into their houses once they’re protected from outsiders. Will you find your way or be lost in the forest?

In Fairy Trails, players play cards that expand the road network. Once a road is completed, that player may place a stone on each of his houses that are bordering that road. The player who places all their houses first is the winner.

Download the rules here:


Europe in the beginning of the 16th century

by Amanda Vallerand and Louis Sedillot

As explorers bring back more and more detailed knowledge about other parts of the world from their travels, cartographers use that knowledge to create intricate maps of the world. As the new trade gains influence in science and at royal courts, new methods and tools are invented - modern cartography is born!

In Mapping the World, you are a cartographer striving to become the best-known master of your trade by creating a map of the world. You'll send out explorers to discover new territories, develop new tools, and manage your riches and influence at the royal court. Will you become the most prolific cartographer and win the game, or will one of your colleagues take the prize?

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